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CREATING COMMUNITIES for people of all ages. Which one is you?

Someone who lives and works in the community that is undervalued. A key worker in social care and the NHS who now will be able to buy a home of their own which is price capped at just 25% of the market value.

A young hard working person wanting to get on the property ladder. Well educated, motivated, caring young person who will now be able to buy a home of their own in the community they live and work in, capped at 50% of market value.

How many single person households are there in the united kingdom?

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An active elderly single person that needs a home that is safe, affordable and with no strings attached. A home in a community of people of all ages living and caring about each other.

Grab a cup of tea and watch this ten minute video

A frail elderly person in your family who needs some help with daily living. A proud single - minded person who wants to live with people of all ages for the rest of your life, a real alternative to a care home.

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The Foundation's partner will balance these mostly single people’s needs with family homes. Children growing 
up and progressing through life with the benefit of being part of a multigenerational 
community. At the heart 
of the community will be. a Village Centre. A place to bring people of all ages together, young, and old and those already living close by. 

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