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I’m 83 this year and live alone. I’ve lived in the village for over 50 years and have many friends here. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to look after myself, but the last place I want to go to is into a care home. What’s in it for me?

The Foundation Suites are a real alternative to living in a care home. You can live in your own home with your own privacy, but with communal amenities and all the care you might need. A daily, full-board maid service is available: full-board with essentials in your fridge topped up on a daily basis. When you need some help, your care plan will initially be paid for from your attendance allowance. This is not means tested and everyone is entitled to it. There will be 30 Foundation Suites at the heart of the community. To help it work financially for you, there is the opportunity to purchase 75% of a suite (25% being retained by the Foundation).

I’m an active 72-year-old, living alone in a four-bedroom family house. It’s been two years since my wife died; we were married for 47 years. I am beginning to feel I need to move on and I know she would want me to make something of the rest of my life. What’s in it for me?

An apartment in one of the Foundations Villas would alleviate you from the high maintenance and costs of running a family home. You could live with other active people of all ages and enjoy being able to have friends or family members staying with you. At the same time, another young family will follow in your footsteps by purchasing your old family house. There are 34 apartments in three Villas to choose from.

I have just changed jobs and am now earning nearly £70,000 a year. I went to university and have now paid off my Uni-loan and want to get on the property ladder. I would be happy with a small flat but even a small, one-bedroom flat is £275,000. The most I can get on a mortgage is £195,000. I want to live in Colney Heath which is convenient and close to where I work. What’s in it for me?

As a young person with a good career ahead of you, The Foundation will help you get onto the property ladder. You would be living in a multigenerational community and we’d encourage you to help us make it something special. You will be able to purchase 75% of the apartment, with25% being retained by the Foundation. So, if you can save up for the deposit or get some help from the bank of Mum and Dad, you can realise your dream of acquiring your first home and climbing onto the first rung of the property ladder.

When I left school, I knew I would be happy working with children and old people. Recently, I was accepted by the NHS for training to be qualified RGN. I’m so looking forward to this next step in my career and will be earning nearly £30,000 a year. Recently we have been on strike for more pay, but I will never earn enough to have my own home. I love my job so, what’s in it for me?

As a carer on the frontline of NHS and social care, you can now own a part of your own home. The Foundation will own the other part. You will only be able to obtain a mortgage of about £60,000, so with a small deposit, and as someone dedicated to caring for others, you will be able to own 25% of your apartment. This would have an open market value of £275,000: The Foundation would retain 75%. When it’s time for you to move on, you will receive 25% of the sale proceeds: the Foundation will sell this 25% to another qualifying carer.

I live over the road and I’ve always been able to enjoy the view of the fields opposite from our house. I’m still working aged 55 and enjoy gardening and walking the dog with my wife whenever possible. What’s in it for both of us, other than losing our view?

Yes, although we have spaced these homes apart, I’m afraid there will be certain aspects of the view that you will unfortunately lose. However, there will be new footpaths through the site, passing by the clubhouse with its café and shop linking you to a network of footpaths and cycle ways which will ultimately lead to the town centre. The clubhouse will be run on a not-for-profit basis and membership will be open to local people. The facilities will include a café and shop, a lounge and library and multi-purpose space for exercise classes, yoga, meetings, dog training and more. Hopefully, these many benefits will more than make up for the loss of your view!

You say that the Foundation Suites will cater for people who otherwise would need to go into a care home. I want to stay in my own home so, when I need care, what’s in it for me?

Loneliness and isolation is a major problem for older people living alone. The Clubhouse has an engine room, the administration and care agency office. This facility will be a hub for delivering domiciliary care into all the homes in Colney Heath. Staff and carers based here will have the benefit of the café, shop, meeting room and lounge library.

I have lived on my own for twenty years since my husband died. My hobbies are flower-arranging and origami. If I came to live in an apartment would there be anywhere for me to do these?

Yes, there will be a hobby workshop next to the café in the Clubhouse, available for you. Alternatively, if you would like to share your hobby with others, we have a multi-purpose room in the Clubhouse. You don’t have live in a Foundation home to use these facilities; as a local resident they would be available to you for a small annual membership fee.

I love going to the theatre and attending various music concerts, but it has become difficult of late and traveling is so expensive. What sort of entertainment for people living in the Foundation Suites would there be?

The Foundation has its roots in the theatre and the performing arts, so this will be part of the lifestyle on offer when living in a Foundation home, or nearby. These relatively small events will be held in the Clubhouse and outside in a marquee during the summer months. The Foundation has sponsored an Amphitheatre in the Cotswolds to showcase the performing arts.

At the moment, I have to travel 20 minutes by car to get to where I work at a garden centre. This regular commute takes nearly an hour every day and has now become expensive, so will there be job opportunities for local people? In addition, I know lots of people who need something to do, will you have any volunteers helping on site?

Yes, there will be both: jobs managing and running the Clubhouse, managing and delivering domiciliary care to residents’ homes and some maintaining the grounds, the facilities and properties. The shop, café, hobbies workshop and specific events will be run by volunteers. These will be people living in the Foundation homes, as well as local people in Colney Heath.

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