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Homes for young people working hard to own their own homes

The Fairliving foundation aims to deliver

Fairness where there is unfairness.

Value for the undervalued in our society.

Togetherness by

The Foundation aims to deliver all its single person homes at 75% of open market value on this site. Up to 20% of these will be allocated to key-workers on the frontline of the NHS and social care. These key workers would be eligible to purchase an initial 25% of the capped 75% value of the property.

Priority will be given to local people and our residents will be people of all ages.

What we do

The Foundation’s delivery team aims to:

  • Relieve the loneliness of people of all ages.

  • Enable people of all ages to participate in home ownership.

  • Enable home ownership for those working in Health and social care

  • Relieve social isolation and enable the independence of older people.

The Foundation will deliver multigenerational living to locations in England and Wales. It will be a not for profit company limited by guarantee. Consequently, any surpluses arising from the sale of homes at market value will be utilised to fund the objects of the Foundation and associated Charity.

The entire shareholding of this company will be owned by the Fairliving Foundation Charity: consequently, any surpluses arising from the sale of homes at market value will be paid up to the charity to fund its charitable causes.

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Who we do it for

The beneficiaries will be those people in the community that otherwise would not be able to own or participate in home ownership. They will be people who are on low pay due to the work that they do for the community, particularly those working on the front line in Health and Social care.

They deserve a home of their own. Some will be older, but mostly single people who are unable to afford to buy. Some will be older people who do not want to live in an age restricted community.

How we do it

The Foundation’s objective is to introduce alternative housing into the mix of existing and new homes in the community. This will benefit the community by creating accommodation more suitable for mostly, but not exclusively, single people of all ages. There are nearly 20,000.000 households in the UK that are occupied by one person. The housing market, as currently operating, is focussed on large family homes.

There is a lack of supply of suitably affordable homes for single people. This excludes many from owning their own home and prevents those currently under-occupying larger homes from downsizing.

In order to address this shortfall the Foundation will, but not exclusively provide:

  • Well-designed quality housing at a size and price that is affordable to lower income single people.

  • Facilities, amenities, and services.

  • Public open space.

  • Recreational activities and performing arts.

  • Grants and financial support to widen the opportunities for home ownership.



Where we do it

The Foundation will secure locations on which to promote its housing model on land owned or controlled by local authorities, house builders, strategic land promoters and private and institutional landowners. It will assist in the promotion of brownfield sites and locations, where the Foundation’s housing model will meet the policy requirements of the planning authority.

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