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Transport Assumptions for Colney Heath

64 Foundation units of which 


  • 4 key workers 1 bedroom  

      100% have cars and most likely will work off peak shift hours so car movements will be off peak. 


  • 16 young single 1 bedroom  

       Assume 50% will be couples and 100% (24) will have cars. 

       25% may work from home (6) 

       Assume 18 will travel in peak times. 


  • 14 Active Elderly 1 bedroom  

        Assume 10% will be couples 75% (1.4) will have cars 


Of which 50% drive daily, 25% only drive 2-3 times per week, 8% drive weekly and 16% monthly.  An independent assessment of other Care Communities has shown that a Care Community has less than 25% of the normal traffic generated by a housing development.  Residents can choose to travel at off peak times. 



  • 30 Frail Elderly 1 bedroom  

       No cars but a transport service will be on offer.   

       Need to factor in 10% visitors a day. 



  • 29 Open Market houses        Average 3 bedrooms 


100% of the houses will have cars.  (29) 

Of which 80% occupied by couples with children, 20% single parents. 

Of which 23 of the couples 50% will have 2 cars 12.   

7 single parents will have cars.  29 cars in total 

The average number of car movements per day is 5.   

Also need to consider the daily number of deliveries created from post and amazon. 

Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 11.44.50.png

Chart 11: Average car trips and miles travelled, by age and sex: England, 2021 (NTS0601)

Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 11.45.04.png

From ages 0 to 59, females made more car trips on average than males, however, for those aged 60 and over, males made more car trips. The age group with the highest number of car trips on average for males is 60 to 69 and for females is 40 to 49, with 559 and 609 car trips on average respectively in 2021. Overall, males made longer car journeys than females, apart from the age group 0 to 16. In 2021, males travelled on average 3,678 miles in car trips, compared to 3,225 miles travelled on average in car trips by females. 

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