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The outdoor theatre

The performing arts, whether that is humour, music, or Shakespeare brings people together. By sharing these experiences, friendships are made, and communities have a common cause.



The advice from our ecologist has been to minimise any impact on the wildlife in the woodland surrounding the development. For this reason, we have designed an outside space that will be covered by a tensile structure in the summer months, within the development. This space will be used for activities, exhibitions, and the performing arts.

Site plans

This is located between three Villas with access to the clubhouse and its amenities. This outdoor space will be an asset to the campus and the wider community. It will used to bring people together and enjoy common interests. For example that may be yoga, dance, exercise, or the performing arts.


The programme

This outdoor programme will be for the summer months. During the rest of the year events and activities will take place in the Clubhouse multiuse studio.

The outdoor theatre

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The outdoor theatre FAQs

Why are you doing this?

The Foundation aims to build a community: this is one way of achieving that aim. This outdoor space will be used in the summer months as a communal space for many different purposes. These will be organised by the residents and this process will bring people together.

Will Clophill residents be able to get involved and use the space?

Yes of course, we want to be fully involved with the wider community, and for the community to benefit from the use of this space.

Will this be a permanent structure?

No, it will be taken down in the winter months.

How many people will the theatre hold?

It is not just a theatre: it is also a covered open space. Most events will involve between 50 to 75 people, but larger events could expand to between 150 and 200.

Will this generate a noise nuisance to residents near the site?

Many events will be quiet, Yoga, exercise, painting classes for example. Musical events are very unlikely to heard as the Amphitheatre is located in the middle of the site between three villas, rather than on edge of the woodland.

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