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The site + location

We aim to deliver net carbon zero homes, homes that are appealing to own, and homes and facilities that enable a community of all ages to come together.

Location Plan

The proposed development is located on land adjacent to Back Street near to its junction with the A6. The site boundary to the west has the A6 running alongside it. To the south Back Street and to east and north there is a public footpath. This was originally quarried for fuller’s earth and over the years the quarry sides have naturalised to become dense woodland. The development is confined to the bed of the quarry only.


Proposed application

The access now proposed will be a private road which serves a group of buildings located in the bed of the old quarry. The access point is near the A6 and incorporates the existing entrance to the site. At the entrance the first section of road will only be wide enough to accommodate vehicles coming in and out of the site.

Within the site this private road is narrowed to serve only vehicles: a separate footpath network serves pedestrians. A new footpath is proposed running alongside Back Street within the site. This follows the contours of the land and meets the footpath on the A6 via a separate route through existing trees.

Our detailed survey plans here, identify the substantial differences from the previous scheme and that of the Foundation's proposal. By providing a footpath to the A6 within the site and positioning the entrance near to the existing one, our designers and engineers have been able to leave the lane very much as it is today.

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